AlBaik Abu Dhabi Location Menu Price & Deals 2024

Welcome to Albaik AlBaik Abu Dhabi, a gourmet haven with a thriving culinary culture as varied as the city itself. One name sticks out among the many eating options: Al Baik AlBaik Abu Dhabi. We’ll take you on a savory tour through the wonders of Al Baik and explain why it’s become a must-visit location for foodies in AlBaik, Abu Dhabi, in this blog article.

  • The Al Baik Legacy

Over the years, Al Baik, which was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1974, has come to be known as a culinary classic. Al Baik, renowned for its superb quality, enticing flavors, and proprietary spice blend, has come to represent the ideal fusion of flavor and heritage. The brand’s entry into AlBaik Abu Dhabi has made this culinary treasure more accessible to both locals and tourists.

  • A Feast for the Senses

Al Baik AlBaik Abu Dhabi is more than just a fast-food joint; it’s an experience that engages all your senses. From the moment you step through the doors, the aroma of their signature fried chicken, marinated with a closely guarded blend of spices, fills the air. The golden, crispy exterior gives way to succulent, flavorful meat that leaves an indelible impression on your taste buds.

  • Menu Highlights

Let’s get into the menu and discover some of Al Baik AlBaik Abu Dhabi’s must-try dishes. Of course, the highlight of the event is the Al Baik Fried Chicken, which is well-known for its incredible flavor and flawless crunch. Try it with their garlic sauce for a delicious flavor explosion. A wide range of additional selections, such as seafood, grilled chicken, and mouthwatering sides, are also available on the menu to suit any palate.

  • The Al Baik Experience in AlBaik Abu Dhabi

Al Baik outlet in AlBaik Abu Dhabi is designed to offer a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Whether you’re grabbing a quick meal with friends or treating your family to a delightful dinner, the restaurant’s ambiance adds to the overall experience. The staff is known for their hospitality, ensuring that your visit is not just a meal but a memorable event.

  • Embracing Modernity while Preserving Tradition

Al Baik Al Baik Abu Dhabi stands out for its ability to combine modern and traditional elements. The brand has embraced the vibrant culture of AlBaik Abu Dhabi while remaining loyal to its origins, meeting the wide range of tastes of the local populace. The entire dining experience, including the food, reflects this harmonic combination.

📌 Albaik AlBaik Abu Dhabi Location

Here’s the address information for AlBaik in AlBaik Abu Dhabi:

Name Address Street Location
AlBaik AlBaik Abu Dhabi Al Majaz 2 – Al Majaz – AlBaik Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates Al Majaz Waterfront See Map

🧾 Albaik AlBaik Abu Dhabi Menu & Price

Certainly! Below is a sample table containing a few items from the Al Baik AlBaik Abu Dhabi menu along with their descriptions and prices in AED:


Food Name Description Price (AED)
Al Baik Fried Chicken Crispy fried chicken with a secret spice blend 20
Grilled Chicken Tender grilled chicken with aromatic spices 25
Shrimp Combo Succulent shrimp served with a side of fries 30
Fish Fillet Meal Crispy fish fillet with garlic sauce 22
Family Meal Deal A combination of fried chicken and sides 50
Garlic Sauce Creamy garlic sauce for dipping 5
Fries Golden and crispy potato fries 8
Coleslaw Fresh and tangy coleslaw 6
Soft Drinks Refreshing carbonated beverages 4
Dessert Sampler Assorted desserts for a sweet finish 15

🚦 Albaik AlBaik Abu Dhabi Opening & Close Timing

Here’s the information for AlBaik in AlBaik Abu Dhabi, including the branch name and the opening and closing timings:

Branch Name Opening Time Closing Time
AlBaik AlBaik Abu Dhabi 10:00 AM 01:00 AM

🥇 Albaik AlBaik Abu Dhabi Deals & Price

Certainly! Below is a sample table containing a few food item deals from Al Baik AlBaik Abu Dhabi, along with their descriptions and prices in AED:


Deal Name Description Price (AED)
Family Feast A combination of Al Baik Fried Chicken, sides, and drinks for the whole family 80
Duo Delight Perfect for two – includes two servings of Grilled Chicken, fries, and soft drinks 40
Seafood Extravaganza Indulge in a variety of seafood delights, including shrimp and fish fillet meals 60
Lunch Combo Ideal for a quick lunch – Al Baik Fried Chicken, fries, and a drink 25
Mix and Match Customize your meal with a mix of your favorite chicken pieces, sides, and sauces 30
Sweet Tooth Special Satisfy your dessert cravings with a combination of Al Baik’s sweet treats 15

In conclusion, Al Baik AlBaik Abu Dhabi is more than a restaurant; it’s a culinary institution that has successfully brought the rich flavors of its heritage to the heart of AlBaik Abu Dhabi. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the world of Al Baik, a visit to the AlBaik Abu Dhabi outlet promises a gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving for more. So, don’t miss out on the chance to savor the magic of Al Baik in AlBaik Abu Dhabi – a journey that promises to be as unforgettable as the first bite.

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