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AlBaik Dubai Mall Location Menu Price & Deals 2024

ALBAIK DUBAI MALL is a popular fast-food chain from Saudi Arabia, known for its mouth-watering fried chicken. And if you’re looking for a place to indulge in this delicious treat in Dubai, Al Baik Dubai Mall is the perfect destination for you!

Located in the iconic Dubai Mall, Al Baik is the ideal spot for a quick meal after a shopping spree or a fun-filled day out with friends and family. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere that adds to the overall experience.

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The highlight of Al Baik’s menu is undoubtedly its crispy and juicy fried chicken, which is prepared with a secret blend of spices and a special marination technique that sets it apart from other fast-food chains. The restaurant also offers a range of other items, including sandwiches, burgers, seafood, and sides like fries and coleslaw, which make for a perfect meal combo.


Another thing that makes Al Baik Dubai Mall stand out is its commitment to using fresh and high-quality ingredients in all its dishes. The restaurant’s chicken is sourced from local farms and is 100% halal, making it a great choice for Muslim diners.

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Moreover, the prices at Al Baik Dubai Mall are quite reasonable, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to indulge in some delicious fast food. The restaurant also offers home delivery services, so you can enjoy their tasty chicken from the comfort of your own home.

📌 Albaik Dubai Mall Location

Branch NameAddressStreet NameLocation
Albaik Dubai MallDubai Mall – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab EmiratesDubai MallSee Map

🧾 Albaik Dubai Mall Menu & Price

Here’s a table that includes some popular menu items from Albaik Dubai Mall, along with their descriptions and prices in AED:

Food NameDescriptionPrice (AED)
Al Baik Chicken MealA juicy and crispy fried chicken meal with fries, bun, and a drink21
Al Baik Chicken Fillet BurgerA chicken fillet burger with fries and a drink18
Al Baik Shrimp MealDelicious fried shrimp with fries, bun, and a drink24
Al Baik Fish MealCrispy fried fish with fries, bun, and a drink19
Al Baik Family MealA family-sized meal with 8 pieces of chicken, 4 buns, 2 fries, and a 1.5L drink95
Al Baik Chicken WingsTasty chicken wings with a variety of dipping sauces12
Al Baik Arabic BreadFreshly baked Arabic bread to accompany your meal1.5
Al Baik ColeslawClassic coleslaw with a creamy dressing4
Al Baik FriesHot and crispy french fries5

🚦 Albaik Dubai Mall Opening & Close Timing

Here’s a table that includes information on Albaik Dubai Mall, along with their opening and closing times:

Branch NameOpening TimeClosing Time
Albaik Dubai Mall10:00 AM12:00 AM

🥇 Albaik Dubai Mall Deals & Price

Here is an example of some deals and prices offered at Al Baik branches in Dubai, which may give you an idea of what to expect:

Deal NameDescriptionPrice (AED)
Value Meal2 pieces of chicken, fries, bun, and a drink15
Chicken Fillet MealChicken fillet burger, fries, and a drink18
Fish MealFried fish, fries, bun, and a drink19
Chicken Wings Meal6 pieces of chicken wings, fries, and a drink14
Shrimp MealFried shrimp, fries, bun, and a drink24
Family Meal8 pieces of chicken, 4 buns, 2 fries, and a 1.5L drink95
Party Meal20 pieces of chicken, 10 buns, 5 fries, and a 1.5L drink200
Chicken Fillet SandwichCrispy chicken fillet with lettuce, mayo, and tomato on a bun, with fries and a drink20
6 Pieces of Chicken Wings6 pieces of chicken wings with your choice of dipping sauce, with fries and a drink14

In conclusion, Al Baik Dubai Mall is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves fried chicken. Its delicious food, welcoming ambiance, and affordable prices make it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. So, next time you’re in the Dubai Mall, make sure to stop by Al Baik and try their famous chicken – you won’t regret it!

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