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Albaik Menu and Prices in Saudi Arabia 2024

Albaik Menu is a prominent fast-food chain that originated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1974. Today, it is a testament to the nation’s growing love for quick, delicious meals in a family-friendly environment. Albaik’s signature offerings consist of crisp, well-seasoned fried chicken and seafood dishes celebrating local flavors.

The menu also includes a range of sides such as coleslaw, French fries, and their much-loved garlic sauce that adds an extra kick to any meal. Albaik’s fresh buns and spicy tomato sauce perfectly complement the main dishes, creating a balanced and satisfying meal experience.

Thus, Albaik represents a delightful fusion of traditional Saudi Arabian flavours with modern fast-food culture. Its wide-ranging menu, superior quality, and community spirit make it a beloved culinary landmark in Saudi Arabia.

Albaik 4 Piece Chicken MealSR21
10 Piece Chicken Nuggets MealSR21
7 Piece Chicken Nuggets MealSR19
Fillet Nugget SnacksSR6.5
Chicken Fillet SandwichSR9
Albaik Shawerma With Garlic SauceSR7
Saj De-Lite With Delite SauceSR7
Saj De Lite With Delite SauceSR9
Albaik Shawerma With Tahini SauceSR6.5
Big BaikSR16
Big Baik With CheeseSR18
Double BaikSR10
Baikeez Chicken ThighsSR15.5
Baikeez Chicken BreastsSR15.5
BBQ BaikSR11
12 Piece Jumbo Shrimp MealSR50.5
10 Piece Jumbo Shrimp MealSR37.5
Value Shrimp MealSR28
Shrimp SandwichSR14.5
Fish Fillet MealSR29.5
Fish Fillet SandwichSR10.5
Fish Fillet MealSR25.5
Falafel MealSR9.5
Falafel NuggetsSR6.5
Falafel SandwichSR6
Falafel SnacksSR4
Fries With Garlic SauceSR7
Coleslaw SaladSR6
Bread BunsSR2
Corn In A CupSR7
Corn On The CobSR7
Garlic SauceSR1.5
Cocktail SauceSR2
Nugget SauceSR1.5
Albaik ChipsSR6
French FriesSR6
Albaik MaamoulSR1.5
Pepsi DietSR4
Seven UpSR4
Mirinda CitrusSR4
Lipton Ice Tea LemonSR5
Lipton Ice Tea PeachSR5
Orange JuiceSR4.5
Orange JuiceSR3.5
Apple JuiceSR4.5
Apple JuiceSR3.5
Mango & Grape JuiceSR4.5
Mango & Grape JuiceSR3.5
Mixed Fruit JuiceSR4.5
Mixed Fruit JuiceSR3.5

Albaik FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Albaik menu prices near me? Albaik has menu item prices between SR1.5 and SR50.5. Menu items range from the lowest-priced item, Garlic Sauce, to the highest-priced 12-piece Jumbo Shrimp Meal.
    The price range of the menu of Albaik at the store generally varies between:
    • SR1.5 – SR50.5
  • What is Albaik Saudi Arabia’s Website Link? Albaik Saudi Arabia’s’s official website is
  • If you are looking for meat sandwiches other than broasted chicken, you can check out Subway menu for more options.

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